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Deck Repair

Your deck can be a source of pleasure or pain, depending on its condition. If the damage is too severe, it may even become hazardous to your children and pets! Fortunately, maintenance becomes inevitable if you have a damaged deck, so try repairing things up with Atlas Deck Builders today!

Have an idea for your outdoor space? Let Atlas Deck Builders know, and we’ll create a design just for you. Our deck installation services include re-decking, repairing existing decks, and replacing railing systems. 

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Repair and Restoration

Your original deck can last for years more and will be as good as new as the day it was installed if you hire a professional to repair and maintain it. You’ll have several options, but deck restoration is the best way to keep your wood looking new and keep it looking its finest even as they age. 

You need to hire professionals who provide multiple services, including clean-up, pressure washing, staining, or sealing, depending on what’s required after inspection by our experts from Atlas Deck Builders! 

Deck Repair That’ll Add Value To Your Property

Atlas deck builders can give your old, weathered, or broken deck a fresh look with our professional services. A much-needed repair will improve the overall beauty of your home and increase its value.

You can enhance the marketability of your home and bring a new look to your patio with professional deck repair services from Atlas Deck Builders. Your house will be more attractive, increase its value, and have a longer life expectancy through our top-notch deck restoration service.

Full-Scope Deck Repair Professionals

Atlas Deck Builders has been in operation in Texas for years providing quality decks for homes in need of new ones or restoration/repair on existing decks to make them like brand new again. We use only high-grade materials such as cedarwood because it is naturally resistant against rot, insect infestation & decay, unlike pressure-treated lumber commonly used today despite having an excellent resistance towards insects. After all, over time, termites are known for eating away at our foundation, causing structural problems.

At Atlas Deck Builders, we are committed to providing the best customer experience possible. Our goal is total satisfaction. We believe in hiring caring professionals who will work with you every step of the way when it comes to making your home or business an outdoor oasis! Contact us today for a free consultation!