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Deck builders Austin by Atlas Deck Builders. Decks are a staple of any home. It’s great to have decks in your home, especially when they can be customized for any taste. They are a great way to enhance the look of your house and enjoy outdoor living, but you should always work with an experienced Texas deck-building company to get the best results when improving your home.

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Whether you want to build an impressive deck or renovate your old one, you should hire a pro for your next deck project! Working with an experienced company gives amazing results. With the help of expert Texas builders from Atlas Deck Builders, you can create an outdoor space that allows everyone in your family to get together comfortably outside. Our professional deck-building specialists know how to create beautiful, long-lasting decks that add value and function to your homes.

There are many ways to utilize decks in home designs. Atlas Deck Builders can help you incorporate these elements on your property to match the style of your house and fit with both functionality and aesthetics needs.

Why Choose Us?

Atlas Deck Builders offers a full range of services, from deck design to custom installation. We’re ready to build your dream deck. We offer a large selection of decking types. We do custom builds and build decks for new homes as well as for renovation projects.

Trusted and Experienced Professionals

We specialize in deck construction and have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. We have been improving the design and quality of decks for many years, creating successful projects all over Texas.

Hardworking and Reliable

Atlas Deck Builders can help you get the deck of your dreams. We've been in business for over ten years, so we know what it takes to build a high-quality deck that will last through all types of weather.

Affordable Deck Services

Atlas Deck Builders is a customer-focused business that provides efficient, high-quality work for competitive rates to project owners needing new decks or renovations on existing structures.

Our Deck Services

Atlas Deck Builders has been providing quality deck services and a wide selection of high-quality products that will perfectly fit your needs. Our dedicated deck-building team has years of experience and is ready to create the ideal outdoor space for you. 

Atlas Deck Builders specializes in a wide variety of deck installation services. Our crew comprises professional carpenters and craftsmen who are highly trained to install decks—from the ground up or from scratch, we have got you covered! Whether you’re looking for a patio cover or new railings, our team will help design your perfect outdoor space!

Atlas Deck Builders repairs damaged decks and build new ones. We are known for our high-quality craft on residential homes and commercial structures. Our team of expert builders offers complete service maintenance programs that include deck repair services to keep your property’s exterior looking great all year long! We can restore your deck to its original beauty. Atlas uses the best materials and craftsmen who can work with any type of wood, so you’ll be sure that they will do a top-notch job for you!

Atlas Deck Builders is a leader in the industry that can help you if your deck requires replacement due to rot or decay. We can replace rotted or decayed wooden structures such as your deck with new ones that will last much longer than before. By choosing Atlas, you can feel confident knowing we have experience working on multiple residential and commercial properties.

Atlas Deck Builders provides the best deck staining service on the market. Our skilled team is dedicated to delivering high-quality work and friendly customer service. We are fully insured, so you can trust that we will get your job done right. Our low prices and quick turnaround time ensure that you’ll have a beautiful, professional-looking deck in no time!